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When we’re younger, winter is a blast – giving us the opportunity to play in the snow – making forts, snow angels, and overall, having a great time. As we grow older, winter’s charm starts to fade away. Why? There’s one simple reason: Winter gets in the way of EVERYTHING. In our personal and professional lives, winter can leave us stranded at home more often than we’d like. We start itching for spring to make an appearance again.

Fortunately, winter gives us the chance to talk about the cloud – something MSPs who are selling cloud services can benefit from. It’s the ideal time to bring up the many disruptions your clients can face in the winter – and how the cloud helps us make preparations to avoid these disruptions and stay productive and profitable all year long.

How Does the Cloud Help Your Clients Prepare for Old Man Winter?

It’s actually quite simple. In the winter, businesses can often experience disruptions, and in some cases, they can be completely halted altogether. So how does the cloud tackle the challenges that winter can bring? It’s all about better communication, collaboration, and of course, accessibility from any device or location. Let’s take a look at two of the main conversations every MSP should have with their clients:

1. Minimize unnecessary business travel:

Winter can turn business travel into a frustrating experience, even if it’s a short local trip. There might be delays, cancelations or simply dangerous conditions that make travel feel impossible. The cloud, including video conferencing and other remote access solutions, can drastically cut down on the need for travel and let your clients get more done without battling scary blizzards or icy roads.

2. Minimize the occurrence of snow days:

You know those few days a year (or more depending on where you live) where you simply can’t get out of the driveway? Those days tend to cost businesses a TON of money in lost productivity, missed deadlines, and more. The cloud prevents your clients from shutting down when the snow is bad because they can leverage secure remote access solutions, cloud servers, and hosted VoIP to keep working remotely.

Nothing makes you more of a hero than eliminating ALL of the frustrating, expensive disruptions that happen during the winter. Sit down with your clients and talk about their plans to leverage the cloud and keep old man winter from disrupting them.

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