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How Are You Helping Your Clients Work Remotely Right Now?

We see More and More Businesses Working from Home As the Coronavirus Pandemic Continues… So What Should MSPs Be Doing During This Difficult Time? It’s All About Empowering Your Clients…

The Department of Homeland Security has plenty of recommendations for how to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic – but they’re all relating to personal health and safety. Similar to how your clients will trust them, the WHO, and the CDC for health and safety information, your clients trust you for technical guidance. Right now, that means assistance with working remotely during this difficult time.

So how are you helping your clients work remotely? Do you have the right remote access and cloud solutions in place to keep them productive from home?

MSPs play a vital role in helping society limit the spread of coronavirus and keep our country as safe as possible. In most areas, social distancing and shelter-in-place orders mean that nobody is leaving home to go into the office – unless they’re an essential worker. But businesses still need to function to the same degree as they did before.

So what should MSPs be doing during this difficult time?

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The Top 3 Considerations for Your Clients

  1. How Will Their Staff Members Access Important Files and Information?
  2. How Will Their Staff Members Answer the Office Phone?
  3. How Will Their Staff Members Virtually Meet with One Another?

How MSPs Can Help Their Clients Embrace Remote Work During This Difficult Time…

Your clients need your technology support more than ever before during this difficult time. Why? Because when they’re working remotely, a simple technology issue means even less productivity when you’re at home than it would in the office. A proper remote work environment needs to run as efficiently as possible to prevent problems associated with:

  • Unintuitive software
  • Slow internet connections
  • Lack of accessibility
  • Malware attacks
  • And much more

Although remote work is excellent, it’s vital to have a comprehensive, well-managed strategy that incorporates cloud services. This means MSPs must:

  1. Review devices and internet connections for each employee to ensure they’re up-to-par and able to accommodate their workload.
  2. Provide a user-friendly cloud solution that delivers anytime, anywhere access to applications, data, and more from any device.
  3. Maintain responsive, timely support to address any sort of questions, concerns or problems employees experience at home.

Most organizations will need to work alongside their technology partner and cloud service provider to achieve the ideal remote work environment. For MSPs that offer cloud services, this is the time to shine. No matter what crisis the nation faces, remote work capabilities will keep employees productive and healthy.

Here at CPU, we have staff, engineers and partners all over the world and have had 100% remote capabilities for years because of the cloud. Should you find that your MSP business or your customers need remote capabilities, we are here to help! Please contact us today.

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