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Embracing Remote Work

Even as lockdowns are starting to lift throughout the states, it’s important to continue supporting organizations with their efforts to work remotely.

On December 31, 2019, China alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) to dozens of cases of unusual pneumonia in Wuhan. A week later, the virus was identified as belonging to the coronavirus family, and eventually, became known as COVID-19. The rest is history. We’ve seen the situation unfold fast, and now, more than two months later, we’re seeing lockdowns being lifted. So what’s next? Well, we’ve found that many organizations plan to continue embracing remote work – at least to some degree – even as lockdowns are starting to lift.

Why? Because remote work is a great way to cut costs in terms of eliminating the need to maintain large office space and all of the necessary supplies. Plus, social distancing will continue to play an important role in our lives for the unforeseeable future. Fortunately, a remote workforce can work as effectively from home as they can in the office.

MSP responsibilities when it comes to helping their clients embrace remote work

MSPs must work with their clients to ensure they’re staying secure and maintaining productivity, despite working from home. In a world where things can change in an instant, as we’ve seen throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s more important than ever before for MSPs to adapt and work with their clients – helping them operate efficiently no matter what happens. Whether it’s something huge like a pandemic or something small like a snow-storm, there will always be times when employees can’t make it into the office. If you’re not selling cloud services, it’s time to start.

Organizations rely on their MSP to keep them ahead of potential issues, which means it’s vital to help them create a workplace that can withstand any sort of interruption. The cloud simply makes sense – allowing your clients to access their data, systems, and applications from any device or location. This means they can continue to share information, edit documents in real-time, and maintain collaboration through video conferencing and other tools designed to keep staff productive from home.

Addressing your clients’ biggest concern

It’s time to position yourself as an MSP that delivers the answer to your clients’ biggest concern: becoming unable to operate due to some sort of disaster. If you’re not selling the cloud, and of course, business continuity services that leverage cloud computing technologies, it’s time to start.

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