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Will Your Customer Info Fall Into the Wrong Hands?

The internet brings us a myriad of opportunities for connecting, socializing, and doing business. It’s helped millions of companies reach new markets, expand their offerings, and, above all, grow.

Today, Jeanne DeWitt discusses how this opportunity comes with many risks for businesses, especially small to midsize ones.


Small and Medium-Sized Businesses are Big Targets

Cybercriminals understand that small to medium businesses lack the time, money, and resources to create and manage a comprehensive, ever-evolving online security strategy. In a company where every employee wears many hats, oftentimes cyber threats can sneak in, and corporate security posture can be easily overlooked.

Hackers will continue to become more sophisticated, using cutting-edge methods of breaking into networks to steal sensitive customer data. Today, bad actors use coordinated attacks that may include ransomware, social engineering, and phishing scams to access a company’s private data.

Clever schemes will exploit businesses’ human element to extract data they can sell in nefarious areas of the Internet for big dollars.

Protect Your Clients and Yourself

So, as an MSP, how should you protect yourself and your clients?

By partnering with a reputable, secure cloud service provider, you can fill a market need in the small to medium business space. These companies are excellent prospective clients, as they seek MSP advice and oversight to remain compliant and secure online.

As we know, a firewall, once a simple solution for Internet security, is no longer enough. Providing a comprehensive multilayered approach that includes a secure cloud solution will build confidence with your clients and provide a much-needed service offering in the marketplace.

Cloud hosting tends to be safer than on-premise infrastructure because cloud service providers have made huge investments to keep it that way. Cloud providers have more resources, capability, and dollars to invest in their offerings.

Cloud hosting incorporates:

  • Updated intrusion detection and prevention
  • Encryption
  • Advanced firewalls
  • Physical security like armed guards and restricted physical access

As an MSP, you will pay a flat-rate monthly fee for a cloud environment, then take care of on-going maintenance on behalf of your clients, including ongoing security, management, and support.

Choose the Right Cloud Partner

CPU offers cloud services to MSPs with no contracts and no additional costs. With all the tasks you’re handling for clients, worrying about your data center’s protection should not be a concern.

Your cloud infrastructure will be hosted in a highly reliable, highly secure, tier three data center. You can depend on our robust support, and you’ll maintain full account control.

Let’s start a conversation. Call us today at 866-883-8836 or send us an email. We would love to help you support your customers.

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