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An MSP’s Role in Work-From Home Policies As a Part of Business Continuity

The Coronavirus Pandemic Isn’t The First Disruption Your Clients Have Faced – And It Won’t Be The Last. Here’s What You Need to Know About Leveraging the Cloud as an Integral Part of Work-From-Home Policies, and Thus, Business Continuity…

We’ve all been impacted in some way or another during the coronavirus pandemic. For many businesses, the rush to work from home has been challenging – leaving them struggling to find the right tools, create sound policies, and stay connected with those on their team without sacrificing security. But here’s the thing… The coronavirus pandemic is far from being the first disruption businesses around the world have faced – and it won’t be the last. Unfortunately, the world is filled with disruptions of all types and sizes – from pandemics to cybercrime to bad weather to technology outages and everything in between.

But the coronavirus pandemic brings about a lot of uncertainty because we simply don’t know how long we’ll be under shelter-in-place and social distancing orders. We also don’t know what the economy will look like in a few month’s time. For most, it’s a difficult time trying to:

  • Enable employees to work as efficiently from home as they do in the office
  • Maintain security against threats, including those centered around the pandemic
  • Lower costs due to a lack of cash flow and/or preparing for an uncertain future

It’s times like these when your clients need you the most. You are their trusted technology advisor, and right now, there is nothing more important than using technology strategically to become more agile, more cost-efficient, and more connected.

If You’re Not Speaking About Remote Work Solutions, You’re Missing a Huge Opportunity to Act as a Trusted Technology Advisor…

Right now, it’s time to talk to your clients about remote work solutions powered via the cloud. How do you position the cloud – aside from the obvious – allowing your clients to access data and applications from any device or location? Here’s a few tips…

  • The cloud offers the ability to save significant capital costs as there’s no need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware during this uncertain time. Instead, the cloud service provider handles all of the costs associated with equipment while you pay a flat-rate monthly fee.
  • The cloud offers quick deployment capabilities that ensure resources required are up and running within a few minutes, as opposed to hours or days when setting up physical equipment and/or licenses for software within each employee’s home during times where remote work is necessary.
  • The cloud offers a greater level of security with built-in measures, such as around-the-clock monitoring, enterprise-grade encryption, multi-factor authentication, and much more – many of which are simply overlooked or difficult to implement for remote workers.
  • The cloud offers more reliability in terms of ensuring all applications and systems are updated on a regular basis with the latest patches, upgrades, and features. This is key as many remote workers tend to put off important updates that offer critical protection or functionality.

In Times Where Remote Work is Necessary, The Cloud is Integral to Ensuring a Quick and Easy Transition That Prevents Serious Revenue Loss…

For many businesses, the cost of being unable to operate for days, or worse, weeks or months is extraordinary. According to Gartner, the average cost of downtime is approximately $5,600 per minute. That is equal to around $300,000 per hour. Naturally, it’s all dependent on the business in terms of size and industry, but the point is clear: not being able to operate can cost businesses anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars a day to millions of dollars a day.

In times where remote work is necessary, the cloud allows businesses to simply pick up and continue operations from home – without any downtime. Remote workers are able to enjoy access to all of their resources, including:

  • Line of business applications
  • Productivity suites for word processing, spreadsheets, email, etc.
  • Documents and files
  • Business telephones, including their work line, extensions, etc.
  • And much, much more

CPU offers cloud services for MSPs looking to assist their clients with remote work as part of their business continuity efforts. We give you the ability to resell our cloud service as a stand-alone service or bundled into your managed services plan at an added cost. How does it work? It’s simple… We provide the service at a discount, and you resell it as needed.

Here at CPU, we have staff, engineers and partners all over the world and have had 100% remote capabilities for years because of the cloud. Should you find that your MSP business or your customers need remote capabilities, we are here to help! Please contact us today.

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