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Is the Cloud Becoming the New Normal?

The Coronavirus Pandemic is Going to Change the Way We Live, Work, and Function, Even After It Subsides. So What Happens to the Technology Businesses Use?

It’s no secret… The coronavirus pandemic will be with us for much longer than the lockdown – bringing changes to the way we live, work, and function, even after it subsides. Why? Because we’ve all learned a thing or two about health and safety – and unfortunately, we’ve all learned that in business, disruptions can last much longer than a few days. When it comes to business contingency, we’re often told to plan for an outage of some sort resulting from bad weather, natural disasters or technology failures. But now, we know it’s important to plan for more than that.

Is the Cloud Becoming the New Normal

As Businesses Embrace Remote Work, We’re Left with One Major Question: What’s Next?

Remote work isn’t a new concept. In fact, it’s been around for quite a while. Although many businesses were forced to rush to remote work, it’s actually been shown to be quite beneficial – when the transition is smooth and seamless. Take a look at some recent studies from some of the world’s leading research institutions:

  • Productivity increases by an average of 35-40% for employees working from home rather than in the office.
  • 54% of employees would change their jobs for a more flexible opportunity – meaning employee retention is improved during remote work.
  • Businesses save an average of $11,000 per year, per part-time remote employee they have on board.

So, for MSPs serving the needs of businesses in the aftermath of the crisis, there’s one major question to consider: what’s next? What should you be talking to your clients about to ensure business contingency is in place? Or better yet, what should you be prepared to provide now that they’ve realized the benefits of remote work?

Many of Your Clients Have Already Realized the Power of Remote Work: Cutting Costs, Improving Productivity, and Staying Prepared for Disruptions.

The initial short-term push for remote work has placed huge demand on the realm of cloud-based communications and collaboration technologies. Even though that uptick will subside, businesses will likely continue to embrace remote work – even after the pandemic subsides. Many of your clients have already realized the power of remote work: cutting costs, improving productivity, and staying prepared for disruptions.

CFOs have struggled with a range of challenges over the past few months. Naturally, supply chains were disrupted, cashflow was decreased, and employees were concerned about health and safety in the workplace. For many, the goals were clear:

  • Defer capital expenditures
  • Obtain additional funding
  • Minimize overhead/discretionary spend

Now, CFOs are tasked with stabilizing the business after the crisis – and for many, this means finding ways to minimize costs – something that happens naturally with remote work via the cloud. In the simplest terms, the cloud simply makes sense in a post-coronavirus pandemic world.

The Cloud Will Become the New Normal… Are You Prepared to Keep Up with Increased Demand for Cloud and Remote Access Services?

The cloud plays an important role in remote work – allowing employees to process, store, and edit information from anywhere on any device, as well as run crucial applications, phone systems, and other services from home. For MSPs, it’s critical to be prepared with the right cloud services to keep up with increased demand. Your clients will be looking toward the cloud to:

  1. Reduce operational costs as the cloud doesn’t require any large upfront capital. Instead, they can simply pay a flat-rate monthly fee for what they’re using without having to worry about the cost of updates, maintenance, and support.
  2. Become more resilient to disruptions as the cloud ensures that employees can simply pick up and continue working from any other location, as long as they have a device and an internet connection.
  3. Gain access to innovative technologies including cutting-edge hardware and software that would otherwise be out of reach – giving them a competitive edge when they need it most.

If you’re not prepared, it’s time to find a cloud provider to help you get ready to embrace the increased demand for cloud and remote access services. CPU, Inc. is here to help. We’ve been around since 1986 – developing our position as a leader in the cloud services space. We give you the ability to sell the cloud as a stand-alone service or bundled into your managed services plan at an added cost.

It’s simple… We give you a discount on the service and you resell that service at your discretion. It’s free to join our partner program – no contractual obligations, no sales quotas to meet, and no requirements. Simply sign up with us and get started.

Let’s discuss how your MSP can take advantage of the latest in cloud technology to keep up with the increased demand in a post-coronavirus pandemic world. Call (866) 883-8836 to get started.

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