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Struggling to Find Great IT Talent?

If So, You’re Not Alone… Companies Are Investing in Technology More Than Ever, But a Shortage of Skilled, Qualified Talent is Creating a Huge Challenge.

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate, more and more businesses are embracing digitization – investing in the right tools, processes, and procedures to thrive in the marketplace. There’s no doubt about it… The market for information technology support is growing, but MSPs are struggling to find and retain the talent they need to keep up with market demand. CompTIA found that job postings in the technology sector skyrocketed roughly 32% in the first half of last year alone, but who is filling those jobs?

Is a Lack of Great IT Talent the Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry? Experts Think So…

Many industry experts are stating that the lack of great technical talent is the biggest challenge facing the industry right now – and we don’t disagree. In fact, it’s expected that the gap between talent and demand will continue to widen as time goes on. So how do you eliminate the pesky challenge of finding great IT talent? Believe it or not, the cloud is the answer to this ongoing struggle.

How Does the Cloud Help You Deal with the Challenge of a Lack of Great IT Talent?

The answer is simple… The cloud minimizes the need for an expansive workforce capable of going onsite for implementation, troubleshooting, and support. Right now, the investment of searching for qualified candidates, alongside the significant downtime and negative customer service that comes with having an empty position, greatly impacts modern MSPs struggling to find great IT talent.

If you hire the wrong person, it’s a costly mistake. If you don’t hire anyone, it’s a costly mistake. It’s a hard situation, but unfortunately, there’s simply not enough capable talent out there. Of course, you may get lucky and find that perfect technician who’s able to assist with all sorts of technologies. But it’s a long, time-consuming process – finding, hiring, and training the right person.

On-Premises Equipment Takes a Lot of Manpower to Manage – There’s No Way Around It. The Cloud Doesn’t.

Today, many businesses are looking toward managed IT services as a way of keeping their technology well-maintained without spending a fortune. But here’s the thing… Cloud computing is the future of technology for businesses. Those who already leverage the cloud have seen the benefits:

  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility for data and applications
  • Greater resilience in the event of a natural or manmade disaster
  • Less operating costs in terms of purchasing and maintaining equipment
  • Higher security against cyberthreats, including ransomware, malware, and more

Forward-thinking MSPs around the world are focused on selling cloud services for two reasons:

  1. Getting ahead of the evolving demand for cloud computing as opposed to on-premises equipment
  2. Eliminating the pesky challenge of finding, hiring, and retaining technical talent while there’ a shortage

Instead of requiring a ton of manpower, MSPs selling cloud services can access tier 3 technicians while extending their clients into the cloud – a much less time-invasive technology in terms of management.

The Cloud Lets You Move Your Clients Equipment, Applications, and Data Into a Data Center That’s Managed for You…

There’s no need to spend a ton of time monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting hardware and software. You get the benefit of adding recurring revenue – all while minimizing the manpower needed to manage environments. It’s a win-win situation.

If your clients aren’t asking about the cloud yet, it’s only a matter of time. Get ahead of their needs and become a trusted advisor with the help of CPU, Inc. We’ve been in the MSP space before – and we know it’s challenging to find great technical talent. We offer cloud services that can be resold as a stand-alone service or bundled into your managed services offering.

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