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Nothing Left To Manage On The Network For MSPs

An MSP is defined by their unique, proactive approach to managing and maintaining information technology. Businesses are starting to look towards MSPs to help them meet the growing demands from their clients – keeping their infrastructure running properly with minimal downtime at all times. Years ago, a technology conference speaker asked an important question: “What will we manage when there’s nothing left to manage on the network?”

This question has been on my mind for quite a while, and I couldn’t help but wonder… What WILL managed IT service providers manage? After all, we’re seeing a rapid decline in the number of devices left on the network. Fortunately, our company is part of a thought leadership group that tackles this dilemma head-on. We meet on a regular basis to talk about how MSPs can stay relevant in a world of connected devices.

There’s no denying the fact that the world of information technology has changed at an incredibly rapid rate. So what’s left for MSPs to focus on? Is it time to switch your gears and find a new niche?

Where Are MSPs Finding Refuge from the Ever-Evolving World of Information Technology Advancement?

There are two main areas we’re seeing: cybersecurity and cloud technologies. Security is a growing market and the demand for cybersecurity specialists is at an all-time high. How couldn’t it be? Threats are rising at a rapid rate and hackers are a dime a dozen nowadays. Cloud technologies, on the other hand, is another great area to specialize in as many businesses are getting rid of their on-premises technologies in exchange for cloud solutions.

If you’re waiting for on-premises technologies to rule supreme once again, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Chances are, cybersecurity and cloud technologies will play a major role for MSPs looking to stay relevant in the future. Your best bet is to future-proof your MSP now – before there’s nothing left to manage on the network.

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